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Whom to hire, how to build a culture, how to be the leader your startup needs — these are some of the many good people problems at a startup. Here is how your fellow founders navigated through and so can you.

More about ‘Talent and People’:

A good product is often the creation of a good team. And a good team takes as much deliberate focus as a good product.

Now, whether you a first-time founder or one who has been there and done that, building and leading a team comes with some inevitable challenges — across hiring, creating a good culture, helping people grow, and more.

‘Talent and People’ helps you figure out your secret sauce to a great team.

What you will find here:

  • Tips and lessons from founders, hiring teams, and people experts
  • Questions and recommendations from your fellow founders.

Who this is for: Founders and talent teams trying to build a winning team

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