Welcome to Relay!

Hi there! Welcome to Relay. We are so excited to have you here! :grin:

This is your community, your place to ask the questions you have always wanted to, share your ideas and stories, and connect with founders from all around the world. And we hope you have a great time here.

Before you go ahead and take a tour, here’s the back story on why Relay exists and how you can make it your own:

“The first mile is the hardest”, they say. And well, for a reason. Your muscles are warming up, your endorphins are just kicking in, and you’re trying to figure out the right speed, the right stance, and the right everything as you go. Does it ring a bell?

As a startup founder, this might sound similar to the marathon you are running every day: the marathon of building a startup. Christened so because it takes the same dedication, patience, and hustle as running a long, long marathon, if not more.

And the first mile is arguably the hardest to reach: the mile to your first $ 1 Million in revenue. It takes everything you have and then a little more…

Not only do you find yourself surrounded by the most existential challenges, and on your toes, but also tested so rigorously that this is the very phase that decides whether you will remain in the run or tap out.

Now there’s no debating that it can be incredibly tough, but what if you had the right support to help you and the right coaches to train you for this startup marathon? Wouldn’t it make the journey a lot easier and fun?

This is exactly where ‘Relay’ steps in.

About Relay:

Relay is an online community for the SaaS startup world. It’s a platform with the single mission of helping more founders like you hit the milestone of their first $1 Million in revenue, faster.

Relay hosts actionable interviews with leading SaaS experts where they share the tricks of the trade and lesser-known secrets to help you grow your startup.

In addition to this, Relay also helps you connect with fellow startup founders from around the world so you can share your stories and challenges, ask for advice, stay updated with the SaaS world, and root for each other — like a community does. :slight_smile:

What to Expect:

Relay covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from launching your product to acquiring customers to growth hacking to founder stories.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, you can simply post a question and get help from the community.

How to Participate:

Have a story you want to share? Or need help with something? Just create a new topic and share it with everyone.

You can also participate by reacting, and replying to posts by other community members, with your questions, feedback or point of view.

And if you really like a post, you can always share it on your social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.